Find the Perfect Manufactured Home or Modular Home Floor Plan for You!

Jacobsen Homes uses the most advanced components and technology on the market, bringing this family owned and operated business to the forefront of innovative home builders in Florida for manufactured and modular housing.

Every home built is designed by highly-trained Jacobsen Homes engineering staff.  They’ve long pioneered the use of Auto-CAD in the Florida manufactured home industry; one of the most sophisticated computer-aided design and drafting programs available.  Use of this program ensures that every modular home floor plan and manufactured home floor plan will be executed with precision.

Each Jacobsen home is designed to fit everyday needs and lifestyles. The manufactured and modular home floor plans are all "Engineered for People," a unique factor Jacobsen Homes prides itself on.  


800 sq ft - 999 sq ft Floor Plans

Our expert engineering and drafting department strives to design all of our 800 to 999 sq ft floor plans to optimize room space

View 800-999 sq ft Mobile Homes


1000 sq ft - 1199 sq ft Floor Plans

We design our 1000 to 1199 sq ft manufactured homes to bring the Florida sunshine indoors. 

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1200 sq ft - 1399 sq ft Floor Plans

Add a touch of light and elegance with a 1200 to 1399 sq ft manufactured home 

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1400 sq ft - 1599 sq ft Floor Plans

Looking for more? Take a look at our 1400 sq ft floor plans up through to our 1599 sq ft manufactured homes.

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1600 sq ft - 1799 sq ft Floor Plans

Are you looking for open floor plans?  Jacobsen Homes' 1600 to 1799 sq ft manufactured homes are the perfect home for you.

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1800 sq ft - 1999 sq ft Floor Plans

Our selection of 1800 to 1999 sq ft manufactured homes are modern living at its finest.

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More than 2000 sq ft Floor Plans

If you are looking for space, you have come to the right place!  Jacobsen Homes offers manufactured homes with more than 2000 sq ft.

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