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Home Owner's Maintenance Calendar

Neither Jacobsen Homes nor the retailer is responsible for the care or upkeep of the manufactured home beyond the terms of the warranty.  In order to protect your investment and keep your home in worry-free perating condition, we suggest that you conduct the following seasonal maintenance procedures.  You may wish to add to the list, depending upon your own experience:


* Wash the exterior of your home

* Clean the interior walls

* Check the exhaust fan system

* Check your anchor tie downs for a snug, but not overly tight fit


* Check your heating and air conditioning unit.

* Replace air filters


* Lubricate windows

* Replace air filters (every 30 days)

* Check your anchor tie downs for excessive tightness that could be caused by front or snow

Vacation Reminders:

* Clean out your refrigerator.  Leave a minimum amount of food in the freezer section, if any.  Set the controls according to the appliance manufacturer's recommendations.

* Suspend telephone service.

* Stop all regular deliveries.

* Turn off the water supply.  During the winter, put an approved antifreeze in the kitchen, lavatory, and toilet traps.

* Turn off your water heater.

* Close and lock your windows.

* Lock all your doors.

* Have fun!