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It’s no secret that buyers are drawn to manufactured home communities in Florida, which merge the affordability of purchasing a manufactured home with convenient amenities and a stunning environment.  Whether you’re looking for a manufactured home community where you lease, or own the land, there are numerous lifestyle manufactured home communities throughout Florida. 

Let’s explore what a manufactured home community is, break down the different types, and discuss the advantages that come with choosing to live in a manufactured home community in Florida.

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What Is A Manufactured Home Community? 

A manufactured home community is, well, pretty much what it sounds like. The most typical manufactured home community can be defined as a large plot of land owned by community managers with smaller, individual plots that are leased (or sometimes sold) to manufactured homeowners. Other options include land-owned manufactured home subdivisions, in which homeowners purchase their own lot within the community, managed by a Homeowners Association. 

The third manufactured home community type is commonly referred to as a co-op community (or additionally, as a resident-owned community, ROC), and is generally owned by a large group of residents who serve as shareholders. These shareholders form a corporation that owns and is responsible for the upkeep of the community. 

Separate from the level of land ownership, manufactured home communities in Florida can also be categorized by lifestyle, specific resident age requirements, level of luxury, and other special interests. 

Types of Manufactured Home Communities in Florida

55+ Manufactured Communities

Perhaps the most widely-recognized lifestyle communities for manufactured homeowners in Florida are 55+ and retirement communities. As their name suggests, 55 and over manufactured home communities in Florida are designed with the needs of residents aged 55 and over in mind. This includes everything from a management team that fosters community engagement and facilitates group activities to convenient amenities like outdoor pools perfect for enjoying the sunny Florida weather. Many Florida residents (or those looking to move to Florida) find that manufactured home retirement communities are the ideal set-up for a lifestyle that blends independence with built-in socialization opportunities. 

All-Age Manufactured Communities

All-age manufactured communities in Florida are just that – open to all ages. These communities can be family-oriented or non-specific, catering to a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Similar to 55+ communities, all-age manufactured home communities can vary greatly in terms of available amenities and opportunities for socializing. 

Upscale Communities

Emphasizing luxury and high-end amenities, upscale manufactured home communities in Florida are a way for potential homeowners to combine a wide selection of floor plans with luxe interior and exterior upgrades and top-notch community amenities. Like other community options, these communities often include floor plans for single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide manufactured homes, in an array of functional designs.

Other facets that may elevate a community into the sphere of luxury include an enviable location (think waterfront views or private golf course access), as well as specific membership benefits. 

Advantages of Manufactured Home Communities

Finding a community and a sense of belonging is an essential pillar for creating contentment and satisfaction with your life. While there are many benefits specific to manufactured home communities — like convenient maintenance services, exciting amenities, community-followed rules, and additional security — the primary reward of living in a manufactured home community is the ability to feel connected with others. 

Find the Right Home For Wherever You Land with Jacobsen Homes

Buying a manufactured home in Florida — and elsewhere throughout the U.S. — provides a number of financial benefits and may be an ideal path to homeownership. More than this, a manufactured, or mobile home located within a vibrant community can contribute to your overall well-being and facilitate an enriched, dynamic lifestyle. No matter which style of community you choose, partnering with a trusted and experienced manufactured home builder like Jacobsen Homes means finding high-quality housing, solutions to issues like financing and insurance and the ideal fit that’s suited to your needs. 

Get in touch today or visit your local Jacobsen Homes dealer to start your journey towards community, homeownership, and independence.